For the final episode of our first season, we take a look back at the year that was. Despite our best-laid plans, 2020 had the health care industry on its heels. The pandemic created so much uncertainty and disrupted the familiar pathways to care for patients with rare and orphan conditions.

Given the volatility of our past year, what could be our hope for moving forward?

To best tackle this question, we moved our host to the interview side of the microphone and pulled in Michelle Hefley, the cofounder of Optime Care and a wise counsel to so many when it comes to rare and orphan patient populations.

During this episode, we dive into what brought these two thought leaders together, what the passion is at the core of their partnership, how they have converted that passion into a legacy of improved patient care.


  • The secret to business success for Optime Care? Remaining unapologetically patient-first…no matter what.
  • How some of the disruptions to health care during the pandemic could have long-term benefits for patients with rare and orphan conditions.
  • A preview of the rare voices you can expect to hear in Season Two!

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More About Donovan and Michelle


Donovan Quill
Michelle Hefley


Optime Care Website
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Donovan Bio:

Donovan Quill is the President and CEO of Optime Care, a nationally recognized pharmacy, distribution, and patient management organization that creates the trusted path to a fulfilled life for patients with rare and orphan disorders. Donovan entered the world of healthcare after a successful coaching career and teaching at the collegiate level. His personal mission was to help patients who suffer from an orphan disorder that has affected his entire family (Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency). Donovan became a Patient Advocate for Centric Health Resources and traveled the country raising awareness, improving detection, and providing education to patients and healthcare providers.

Michelle Bio:

In addition to her role as co -founder, managing partner and Chairmen of the Board., Michelle was responsible for directing business activities related to the company’s start-up growth and the successful implementation of the business plan.
Michelle also served as President and COO of Centric Health Resources, Inc., headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri. As a co-founder, Michelle built Centric from a start-up specialty pharmacy into a nationwide service provider for “ultra-orphan” drug therapies to treat chronic disorders like Alpha-1, CTX, MS, Cushing’s Syndrome, Thalassemia and PID. She also co-developed and implemented the company’s annual strategic plan. Her departmental direct reports included the vice presidents of pharmacy, nursing, reimbursement and IT. During her tenure (2004-2013), the company grew to over 130 employees and nine commercial partners. Centric was acquired by the Dohmen Company in August 2011.
Michelle served as a senior director with Express Scripts Specialty PB in St Louis, Missouri, from 1998 until 2004. She was responsible for the specialty pharmacy’s operations, which included managing relationships with pharmaceutical, biotech and managed care organizations. She also performed market research to evaluate pipeline opportunities, established market objectives, managed sales revenue and margin projections as part of her annual budget planning for the division.

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