“Rare Voices” Podcast Series Season Three coming soon!

As Season Two of Optime Care’s “Rare Voices” podcast comes to a close, Optime Care spotlights the content from several of its guest appearances and points to the powerful, compelling insights provided for positively impacting the lives of people with rare conditions.

Hosted by Donovan Quill, president and CEO, this podcast series gives a voice to the work and dedication of remarkable people who are having a profound influence on these individuals and their families.

The final episode of Season Two, “The Patient-First 2022 Outlook for Rare Disease,” features an all-star lineup of Optime Care team members: Dr. Brandon Salke, general manager, Stephanie Wasilewski, vice president, Care Director, Jessy Broughton, Care Director, and Hannah Morgan, pharmacist.

These rare disease care experts provide their perspectives on overcoming potential challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the innovative ways that pharma companies are spreading awareness of rare conditions.

Looking Back at Season Two

The theme of Season Two of “Rare Voices” was “Onward” and featured a number of rare disease luminaries, including:

Season Three will continue to bring to listeners the voices of people who understand important aspects of living with a rare disease to inspire patients and families, provide hope and help more people better understand how a patient-first approach improves quality of life for these unique individuals.

The Path to Better Quality of Life

From clinical trials to commercialization and beyond, our patient-first strategy strengthens communication, yields rich data for more informed decision making and improves the overall patient experience.

Our team focuses on patients—not quotas—to provide a more compassionate approach to care and improve services and support for people whose lives depend on us. This has never been more important for patients who already feel marginalized by the system or isolated by their disease state.

“Rare Voices” is just one way that we are meeting rare disease patients wherever they are in their patient journey as we continue to provide exceptional support to caregivers, healthcare providers and biopharma partners.

If you know someone who would make a compelling guest for Season Three of “Rare Voices,”  please submit them here for consideration to be a guest on the show.

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