Rare Disease Day, Feb. 28, 2022: Raising Awareness About the Benefits of a Patient-First Strategy for Optimizing Therapeutic Value of Specialty Drugs

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Feb. 28 is Rare Disease Day and an excellent time to help raise awareness of the 7,000+ rare diseases that impact over 300 million people globally.

Approximately 95% of these patients have no treatment and many rare diseases and disorders are not being studied by medical researchers. With few FDA-approved treatments, many patients face insurance reimbursement issues.

Optime Care is dedicated to optimizing the therapeutic value of a specialty drug for rare disease patients by ensuring prescription accuracy, compliance, adherence to treatment and side effects management. Our patient-first approach supports family caregivers and patients with counseling, guidance and education based upon their particular needs.
With teamwork and professional expertise, we optimize continuity of care through clinical interventions delivered at key points in the patient journey to avoid lapses in therapy and improve quality of life for these patients. We also provide exceptional support to caregivers, healthcare providers and biopharma partners, with our experienced team of specialty Rx pharmacists available 24/7 to play a critical role in helping to manage the clinical and non-clinical issues associated with rare diseases.
We also offer unique financial pharmaceutical services, including custom copay assistance programs as well as first-in-class loan-based assistance services providing a “pay-over-time” model to offset the costs of expensive cell/gene therapies and provide access to these curative therapies.

Treating Patients, Not Symptoms

As diagnosis rates for rare disease rise, the drug pipeline continues to grow and advance through clinical trials. Optime Care’s timely solution goes beyond the traditional approach to address the high costs for every stakeholder.
We focus on patients, not quotas. Our team members interact with patients in a compassionate way and provide better services and support for people who have been marginalized by the system or isolated by their disease state.
Our innovative solutions serve the entire specialty pharmacy industry including patients, payers, life sciences and providers. Our mission is to help patients gain access to high-cost therapies for complex conditions and rare diseases, while optimizing health outcomes.

Key Benefits to a Patient-First Approach

Our proven and dedicated support system ensures peace of mind by securing seamless access to therapy and insurance coverage. We also provide the educational information and ongoing communication patients need for positive outcomes and long-term well-being.

Our dedicated teams provide comprehensive resources to help physicians and staff meet the needs of their patients and ease their administrative burden. We also have extensive knowledge of the insurance environment so that patients can begin therapy quickly and receive the best coverage option.

This Feb. 28, join us in raising awareness about the impact of rare diseases on individuals, families and communities.