Pharmacists Play Crucial Role in U.S. Healthcare System, Maximizing Therapeutic Benefits, Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes

By February 24, 2022 No Comments

Brandon Salke, pharmacist-in-charge, Optime Care, and Hannah Morgan, team pharmacist, Optime Care byline article featured on February 21, 2022: LINK

When people have questions and concerns about their health, they often turn first to their community pharmacist, especially given today’s overburdened health care system and physician shortages. In fact, pharmacists across the country are playing an increasingly critical role in the nation’s health.

By adopting a patient-first approach, these pharmacists can offer patients a higher level of personalized service, which can be especially effective for patients with rare diseases who often feel marginalized and isolated by their disease.

This article shows pharmacists and other stakeholders how enlisting the help of a patient management organization that specializes in care coordination can impact patient behavior, improve patient engagement and lead to higher quality of life and an overall better patient experience.