Patient-First Strategy Optimizes Therapeutic Value of Specialty Drugs for Patients with Rare Cancers

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National Cancer Survivors Month June 2022

This June 2022, National Cancer Survivors Month, Optime Care joins other leading healthcare organizations to recognize cancer survivors, raise awareness of the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face and celebrate life.
With nearly 17 million people living with cancer in the U.S. today – and more than 43 million cancer survivors worldwide – everyone is touched in some way by cancer.

We also want to highlight the benefits of Optime Care’s patient-first approach for rare oncology patients. We put the patient at the center of care to address their specific issues and improve outcomes and quality of life.

Challenges for Rare Cancer Patients

Rare cancers comprise a multitude of cancer types affecting an array of patient populations. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient to address all their needs and prefer to tailor our care based upon each patient’s unique needs and aspects of each rare cancer.

Our approach to specialty oncology pharmacy management is designed to reduce costs, increase specialty drug availability and improve patient outcomes through appropriate medication therapy management.

Optime Care’s Enhanced Patient Care Management

We begin by ensuring prescription accuracy, compliance, adherence to treatment and side effects management, and by offering counseling, guidance and education based upon each patient and caregiver’s particular requirements.
With effective management of the complications of chronic illness and rare cancers, our team strives to mitigate unnecessary costs, and provide the best possible clinical outcomes and patient experience.

This National Cancer Survivors Month, join us by taking action to increase public awareness and improve the lives of cancer survivors.

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