Patient-First Model Improves Care, Maximizes Therapeutic Opportunities for Patients with Rare Diseases

By March 31, 2022 No Comments

Michelle Hefley, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chairman, Optime Care featured in Medical Device News Magazine & Biotechnology News Magazine on March 29, 2022:

Rare diseases are difficult to diagnose, with many having non-specific or unusual symptoms that often progress slowly. This leaves patients dealing with a number of challenges, including difficulty finding a doctor who can diagnose the disease and is knowledgeable about treatment, dealing with frequent misdiagnosis and medications that fail to work, a sense of being marginalized by the system or isolated by their disease state and the staggering costs of treatment.

Optime Care’s patient-first approach helps ease this process and encourages patients to keep pushing forward with managed care coordination that can help to hasten the diagnostic process and deliver the “human touch” that has gone missing in today’s technological age.

This article explores how a patient-first mindset enables patients to feel more satisfied with their care journey and experience a higher quality of life, which often leads to more cost-effective care and improved clinical outcomes.

During Patient Experience Week, it’s important for more people to understand the challenges that rare disease patients face and how a patient-first strategy to specialty drug management offers a more compassionate way to provide better services and support.

This article is also available at Biotechnology News.