Donovan Quill, President and CEO, Optime Care, article featured in Pharmacy Times on October 6.

When it comes to maximizing therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of individuals with toxoplasmosis—a serious, sometimes fatal infection caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite—a patient-first approach can make a critical difference.

Currently recommended treatment drugs for toxoplasmosis target the tachyzoite stage of the parasite and do not eradicate encysted parasites in the tissues. Treatment involves a combination of drugs for at least six weeks and for some patients at least six months, depending on clinical response.

This article demonstrates to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals how enlisting the help of a patient management organization that specializes in care coordination for patients with toxoplasmosis can enhance the patient journey through dedicated care coordination, quick and affordable access to the prescribed drug and support during every step of their treatment.