Patient Experience Week (PX Week), April 26-30, 2021, is an annual event to celebrate the people who impact the patient experience every day, including nurses, physicians, support staff, executive professionals, caregivers, families and communities.

During PX Week, Optime Care would like to highlight the patient experience for those with rare diseases. There are 7000 identified rare diseases, with more being discovered all the time. Rare diseases are difficult to diagnose, with many having non-specific or unusual symptoms that often progress slowly. What’s more, these patients face a number of difficult challenges, including:

  • Finding a doctor who can diagnose the disease and is knowledgeable about treatment
  • Frequent misdiagnosis and medications that fail to work
  • Enormous cost of treatment

This year, Optime Care is sharing patient testimonials, marking our accomplishments, re-energizing efforts and honoring the people who impact the patient experience for rare disease patients.

Patient Testimonials: The Optime Care Difference

Our patient-first care model includes targeted programs, services and specialized expertise that transcends the limitations of traditional, legacy care organizations that often fail to fully address the needs of patients with orphan and rare disease.

Working with Optime Care has really been great. They are incredibly supportive and always there when I have questions or concerns. It’s been comforting to have them every step of the way, especially when I was just starting on my medication. Optime Care has been truly wonderful to work with and I’m appreciative of everything they have done and continue to do. – M.S., a patient with hereditary angioedema (HAE)

My Optime Care pharmacy technician, Amy, takes care of me as well as a mother takes care of her child. She’s very professional, kind, compassionate and listens.  She makes my life easier by reminding me to order my drugs every month like clockwork. – D.Z., a patient with Cushing’s

My favorite part about working with Optime Care is the people. I look forward to my monthly chats with Amy, my care coordinator, and Marcie, my patient advocate. – A.D., a patient with Cushing’s and Type 2 diabetes without complications and essential hypertension

My Optime Care nurse manager and pharmacist are always ready and willing to answer my questions and call me to follow-up and see how I’m doing. They are respectful and extremely knowledgeable. – L.P., a patient with immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Optime Care has consistently exceeded my expectations.  My care coordinator Liz has made sure that I never run out of my specialty medication, expertly managing the challenges of insurance and shipping.  She is a joy to work with – friendly, caring, and professional – making all of our conversations a pleasure.  I am delighted that Optime Care is my specialty pharmacy and I look forward to our continuing relationship. – C.C. a patient with HAE

To learn more about how our patient-first approach minimizes the daily impact of living with orphan and rare disorders and tailors a proactive service experience for each patient, visit here.