Donovan Quill, President and CEO, Optime Care, byline article featured on March 17, 2021: Patient-First Approach Addresses Unique Needs of Patients With Rare Disorders

30 million Americans living with a range of 7000 rare or orphan diseases require a high level of therapy adherence support.

To optimize care during and after the current pandemic, a patient-first approach can enable pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, physicians, and other members of the care team to better address compliance and adherence to treatment to impact the patient experience and improve outcomes.

This article highlights the benefits of a patient-first strategy, innovations to enhance patient outreach, and how to choose the right patient management partner.

With a patient-first approach, physicians, specialty pharmacists, patients, and care coordinators connect effortlessly, rather than operating independently. This higher level of care continuity strengthens communication, yields rich data for more informed decision making and improves the overall patient experience.

Ideally, the care management solution should meet the needs of everyone involved in the patient’s journey, from specialty drug manufacturers to pharmacists, caregivers, and physicians—all delivered from one central point of contact.