Optime Care Featured in Leading Healthcare Business Publication: Patient-First Approach Optimizes Care for Patients with Rare and Orphan Diseases

By April 27, 2022 May 4th, 2022 No Comments

Michelle Hefley, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chairman, Optime Care featured in Healthcare Business Today:

There are about 7,000 rare diseases affecting more than 25 million people in the U.S. Rare disease patients face a number of challenges such as difficulty finding a doctor who can diagnose and treat the disease, frequent misdiagnosis of the disease and ineffective medications and the high cost of treatment.

This article highlights the importance of a patient-first approach for Specialty drug management to maximize therapeutic opportunities for rare disease patients. It is critical to find the right patient-first Specialty pharmacy management partner that offers financial solutions, timely use of telehealth, tailored IT, tech and data solutions and an array of services that meet each patient’s particular needs.

Patient Experience Week is April 26-30, a time to celebrate the people who impact the patient experience. It is important to acknowledge the unique needs of patients with rare disease and implement a patient-first care models that include targeted programs, services and specialized expertise to fully address the needs of patients and provide better services and support.