Optime Care Pharmacist-in-charge, Dr. Brandon Salke, PHARM.D, byline article featured on January 8, 2020: Why A Patient-First Strategy for Specialty Rx Pharmacists Is Critical to Optimize Outcomes

One of the biggest challenges for biopharmaceutical manufacturers of products for rare and orphan disease patient populations is optimizing disease management in a way that enhances the patient journey and improves outcomes. As these companies seek innovative solution partners, a patient-first approach that offers specialty Rx pharmacist expertise is critical for securing insurance coverage, coordinating care, ensuring compliance and, ultimately, minimizing the daily impact of rare and orphan diseases.

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, biopharma companies need to feel confident that their products are properly and safely transported and promptly distributed, with reimbursements processed quickly and accurately. As described in this article,  the  best approach is to partner with a pharmacy, distribution, and patient management organization that offers a patient-first strategy for rare and orphan disorders, as well as personalized care programs designed to maximize the benefit of the therapies prescribed for patients. The goal is to improve quality of life for both patient and caregiver with a dedicated support system for positive outcomes and long-term well-being.

Ideally, one phone call with a patient can begin the process of optimizing medication delivery, insurance reimbursement, compliance and education based on a plan tailored for each patient’s specific needs.