One of the least understood components of commercialization is the role of the payer. 

For manufacturers, it is hard to know how to set the right strategy. For specialty pharmacies, lack of clarity in payer strategy can create challenges with consistent patient experience. For patients, insurance is a black box that they often feel like they have to navigate alone. Our guest for the second episode of Rare Voices, Jim Clement, a partner at Coeus Consulting, demystifies the assumptions that many of us make about payers. Jim has been there. He has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of commercialization from every vantage point in the system. Simply put: If you want to be successful in bringing new therapies to patients with rare and orphan disorders, then you need to know Jim.  

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Jim Clement, a former Aetna executive, most recently served as Executive Director, Value Based Care and Supply Chain Strategy where he focused largely on proving the value of pharmaceutical therapies. In that role, he was responsible for transforming the financing of the pharmacy benefit and leading Aetna’s enterprise relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Mr. Clement maintained administrative oversight for pharmacy benefit strategy, actuarial services, network administration, client pricing, analytics, and vendor management in addition to innovative contracting models that help drive value-based care. He also served as a board member for sPCMA, collaborated with the Bipartisan Policy Center on innovative and value-based market access approaches for gene therapies, and served as an advisor to the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) on the publication of “Value-Based Contracting for Oncology Drugs.” 

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