We’re excited to share that Donovan was featured as a guest this week on STL Leaders Podcast!

A big thank you to host Bryan Buesking for taking the time to sit down with Donovan and shed some light on the rare disease space and creating a culture by “making magic.”

Highlights of the episode include:

  1. Donovan’s personal caregiver and patient-side experiences.
  2. The startup story of Optime Care, a truly patient-first specialty pharmacy.
  3. How the culture of Optime Care is built upon the singular focus of treating patients as people.
  4. The origin story of the uniting mantra from the people at Optime Care, “Make magic and win the day.”

“With a drive to give a voice to people with rare and orphan conditions, Donovan Quill challenges the health care industry to live up to its patient-first potential. His drive to do this is personal. A rare genetic disorder runs in Quill’s family. He has had an intimate knowledge of navigating health care from all sides. That front-row seat of dealing with doctors, support groups, insurance, and pharmacy created in him a mission to align the health care industry’s innovators who, like him, are seeking to serve patients as people. Today, Quill lives out his mission through his leadership as CEO and cofounder of Optime Care, a nationally recognized pharmacy that creates a trusted path to improved lives for patients with rare and orphan disorders. He is the host of a Rare Voices, a syndicated podcast that has featured some of the leading thinkers from all parts of the health care industry. Quill’s vision is a world in which compassion and deep understanding of people with rare disorders is understood as the foundation for innovation and growth.”

Be sure to check out the latest episode of STL Leaders, hosted by Bryan Buesking, below!