We started this show a few months ago. It was during the height of the pandemic.

While that may seem strange to start something new when health care was getting turned upside down, we felt compelled to deliver something to people who — like us — are committed to creating a path to fulfillment for patients with orphan conditions. So we felt a tug. A call.

And, if you have listened to season one, we believe we have delivered. You heard from industry, from patient advocates, from insurance experts, from entrepreneurs. You heard from voices that were likely a lot like yours just how we could make sense of such a volatile world. Not because we are smarter or more virtuous. But, because we have to. For the lives of our patients.

And today – I am excited to tell you that we are full steam ahead for another season of Rare Voices. And this year, in addition to the unique perspectives, we are offering you the chance to hear how the brightest minds in health care are looking forward. Where do we go from here now that we have survived the pandemic? What is next for us?

We already have a roster of heavy hitters that will provoke your mind and motivate you into action. We have a mother of five and her journey into advocacy after receiving a rare diagnosis for her infant son. We also have a daughter / father team who have decades of experience in reshaping the way that pharma can have a more direct and meaningful impact on the lives of patients. And – of course – so many more voices that will be sure to inspire.

I’m honored to host as we move forward and upward out of our crisis and onto a better life for patients.

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