Acknowledging Caregivers and Their Significant Impact on Loved Ones with Rare Diseases

By November 18, 2022 No Comments

National Caregivers Month, November 2022

During November, National Family Caregivers Month and throughout the year, Optime Care is proud to recognize caregivers and express its appreciation for those providing essential care for rare disease patients and those with chronic, complex conditions.

Over 53 million family members provide care to a loved one each year, with 20 million new caregivers joining this force yearly.

Family members tasked with responsibilities to care for individuals with rare diseases and chronic conditions must overcome healthcare issues and address complex and challenging symptoms. These responsibilities are ongoing and can become overwhelming for caregivers who often lack the experience and training required to care for a loved one.

We also appreciate that the time required to deal with the rare diseases of a loved one takes time away from spending it on personal activities and family interactions. The entire caregiving experience can be emotional, with many caregivers reporting anxiety or depression. Finally, many families report that their financial situations have been impacted with caregivers often forced to give up full-time employment in order provide the level of care needed. Many also opt to work part-time instead of full-time.

For these and other reasons, Optime Care’s specialty pharmacists and care coordinators passionately assist patients and caregivers throughout the healthcare journey. They provide  expertise and high-level coordinated support services to offer guidance and help ease the pressures on caregivers.


Learn more about how Optime Care’s pharmacists and care coordinators support caregivers and patients with rare diseases and complex, chronic conditions here.