Patient-First Care Enhances the Journey of Rare Disease Patients

Almost 10% of the U.S. population is impacted by a rare disease. Of the approximate 7,000 rare diseases, only a small number have an FDA-approved treatment. So, when a new drug treatment for a rare disease is approved, it is essential that the right specialty pharmacy solutions provider is there to optimize care management.

Positioning a patient-first approach, this Strategy Brief describes innovative management of specialty pharmacy services that can help patients gain access to gene/cell therapies and other specialty drugs. Focused on improving quality of life for specialty and rare disease patients, AscellaHealth and Optime Care have aligned their services to further enhance clinical outcomes and the journey towards optimized health.

Our novel solutions serve the entire specialty pharmacy industry, including patients, payers, life sciences and providers. Working together, we can improve a patient’s treatment journey by enhancing access to high-cost therapies for complex conditions and rare diseases.